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Category:FIA World Endurance Championship drivers. What is FIA Drivers? It will carry an observer capable of recognising all the competing cars,. Wet weather tyres: Unless specifically authorised in the present Regulations, wet weather tyres may be used only after the track has been declared ‘wet’ by the Clerk fia driver categories of the Course fia / Race Director. The FIA 8853/ standard fia driver categories is the latest and the toughest standard for driver safety harnesses published by the FIA.

Timing screens of the official APP and website display the overall position on the starting grid and the best average time in qualifying, the latter being displayed on the “AV. Each crew must have at least one. The GTE cars fia driver categories are based on production models and are fundamentally different from each other.

This is a requirement of the FIA standard. WORLD ENDURANCE GTE DRIVERS CHAMPIONSHIPRound fia driver categories 8 Bahrain After RaceFINAL1 Marco SØRENSEN. Thus, should a particular model of car perform too well, under the fia driver categories terms applicable to the adjustment of performance the Endurance Committee may take immediate measures to reduce its performance.

A national series may use the FIA Driver Categorisation. The FIA noted that its researchers "will be able to gather data from the various video streams, including a high speed camera which faces the driver and films at 400 frames per-second to reveal in. Notwithstanding the above, a dedicated committee, composed of an FIA categories representative, an ACO representative and a representative of the promoter LMEM, may grant a temporary dispensation from the fia driver categories rule on the composition of crews on the request fia driver categories of the Competitor provided that this dispensation: - does not compromise track safety; - does not generate a sporting advantage in relation to fia driver categories the other crews entered in the same category. Categorisations, who are advised by members of the FIA Drivers’ Commission, and assisted by the FIA Administration. c) The official number of laps will be rounded down to the nearest whole number. Category: Gran Turismo: Country: International: Inaugural season: 1997: Folded: : Last Drivers&39; champion: GT1: fia Michael Bartels, Andrea Bertolini GT2: Richard Westbrook: Last Teams&39; champion: GT1: Vitaphone Racing Team GT2: AF Corse: fia driver categories Last Makes&39; fia champion: GT2: Ferrari: Official website: fiagt. It will be driven by an experienced circuit driver. LMP1:No Bronze drivers admitted.

Vips has been on-site with Red Bull as its reserve driver at a number of recent races, taking up the role from the Turkish Grand Prix after obtaining an FIA superlicence. Select ‘No’ for Have you fia driver categories had a previous FIA competition license. Which states: A minimum age of 18 An existing holder of an International Grade A competition licence. The FIA Drivers’ Categorisation is a system created by Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile that lists drivers on fia driver categories the basis of their achievements, performances, and age.

· Step 2: Go to fia driver categories the US FIA Licensing website and fill out the application. Driver Career; WRC Factbook ; There are four main championship categories in the WRC: WRC, WRC 2, WRC categories 3 and Junior WRC. Minimum weight of the car 2. Some drivers who meet the fia particulars of the FIA&39;s descriptions don&39;t meet the "pro" or "amateur" label for the category. The fia driver categories main objectives for these cars must be reliability, safety fia driver categories and a low maintenance cost. The FIA awards the world cup to fia driver categories drivers, co-drivers, and teams competing in fia driver categories the T1 category; fia driver categories whilst drivers and teams in the T3 and T4 categories are awarded FIA cups.

Height of the rear wing 5. The FIA Drivers&39; fia driver categories Categorisation is a system created by Fédération Internationale de l&39;Automobile that lists drivers on the basis of their achievements, performances and age. Fuel tank capacity 4. The reference for the starting grid is calculated on the average of the two fastest lap times (one per driver). FIA - Driver fia driver categories categorisation. A calculation tool allows the targets for balancing the different car models to be met, without human interpretation or decision-making, using mathematical formulas based categories on the quantified, public, fia driver categories specific, measured data obtained during each race.

Any other technical modification that the FIA En. Application link for United States based FIA licenses; Fill out the form. ALL FIA 8853/ harnesses are 6-point (dual sub straps). They want to know who you are as a racing driver, via the driver biography. The full list is published today after the deadline expired for appeals to provisional listings. From the application process for FIA, they have fia driver categories a higher fia driver categories bar. La FIA dévoile la catégorisation des pilotes pour.

:LMP WORLD ENDURANCE DRIVERS CHAMPIONSHIP Round 8 Bahrain After Race FINAL 1 Jose Maria LOPEZ. “Data collection will be at the heart of this investigation and in Formula 1 there is more fia driver categories data instrumentation than in any other championship. Engine air restrictor and boost pressure ratio 3. See full list on fia driver categories en. Select and upload your racing driver bio document. The Endurance Committee will favour reducing the performance of th. The safety car is designed or adapted for high performance circuit driving and with power adequate to maintain speeds at which the types of cars competing in the event can follow it without compromising their normal function. What is the FIA fia categorization?

Silver ranked drivers - 75% of the points received. Federation Internationale de l&39;Automobile. fia driver categories A crew of 2 or 3 drivers must include at least one Silver or Bronze driver.

The following modifications may be applied: 1. At the end of the second FIA Girls on Track - Rising Stars Training Camp, four drivers have. Two drivers from each crew must at least set one timed lap in qualifying. Search our database of racing drivers from categories like F1, MotoGP, NASCAR, Indycar and many more. The principles of the Equivalence of Technology (EoT), calculated on the basis of the data collected from the "best in class" of each technology will b. An epidemic scale of the breast cancer bc prevalence is actually recognised as the reality of the early twenty-first century.

As do the cars, drivers who participate in the 24 Hours of Le Mans are classified in four classes according to their age and career record. · The FIA fia driver categories Driver Categorisation is the basis for all FIA Championships that use a driver system, and can be adopted by any series, which are free to make any modifications they wish (as long as these are clearly visible). . The number of categories wet weather tyres usable during a Competition is not limited.

To qualify for an FIA Racing Super Licence an applicant must meet the requirements of the FIA&39;s International Sporting Code, Appendix L. To be classified, a car must: a) Cross the finish line on the race track when the chequered flag is shown, except in a case of force majeure at the Stewards’ discretion. The FIA is the governing body of motor sport and promotes safe, sustainable and accessible mobility for all road users across the world. :WORLD ENDURANCE GTE DRIVERS CHAMPIONSHIP Round 8 fia driver categories Bahrain After Race FINAL 1 Marco SØRENSEN. Overall length: 4750 mm maximum (rear wing included) Overall width: 1900 mm maximum.

The FIA and the ACO do not wish to encourage the Manufacturers to invest in LMP2 in any developments which improve the performance of the cars. poor weather), to pace a rolling start and to resume a suspended race. · There are few major surprises in the FIA driver categorisations for. The higher a value, the higher the maximum allowed number of riders. . LMGTE Pro:Composition of drivers’ line-ups is free.

What is the age requirement. LMP2:A 2 or 3-driver line-up must include at least 1 Silver or Bronze driver. It works across three areas: Sport, Mobility and Campaigns. It was merged from the FIA WEC and FIA GT3 lists. The fia, sri lanka, and outside the liquid phase.

If multiple drivers complete a season competing in the same car they will be awarded a fraction of their points according to their FIA Driver Categorisation: Platinum and Gold ranked drivers - 100% of the points received. • The FIA Driver Categorisation is the basis for all categories FIA Championships usethat a fia driver categories driver system, and can be adopted by any series, which are free to make any modificationthey wish (ass long as these fia driver categories are clearly visible). Adjustments to the balance of performance for cars entered in the LMGTE Pro category during the season are made automatically after certain rounds, according to evaluation criteria defined and agreed by all parties before the start of the season.

Specific requirements for qualifying LMP2:One of the two mandatory timed laps required for the ave. Vips, 20, was set to race full-time in Super Formula through the season. Fuel Tank Capacity. The fia driver categories FIA Drivers&39; Categorisation is a system categories created by Fédération Internationale de l&39;Automobile that lists drivers on the basis of their achievements, performances and age. See full list on bo.

• An FIA Driver Categorisation list will replace the current FIA WEC fia and FIA GT3 lists from fia driver categories onwards. They are looking for some level and amount of experience. Driver Categories. Dimensions: Wheelbase: Free but it must be identical to that registered in the Homologation Form. · The FIA noted that its researchers "will be able to gather data from the various video streams, including a high speed camera which faces the driver and films at 400 frames per-second to reveal in.

This categorization is used in sports car racing championships as FIA World Endurance Championship, United SportsCar Championship, European Le Mans Series. To create a more level playing field for competition, regulators have the ability to apply fine adjustments in the performance of individual cars to allow each model to be competitive. The car placed first is the one that covered the fia driver categories greatest distance up to the showing of the chequered fia flag (the position of the cars on the starting grid is not taken into fia driver categories account). With both hybrid and non-hybrid cars competing together in LMP1, the technical regulators will issue an Equivalence of Technology (EoT) regulation to, as far as possible, equalise the performance of different manufacturers so they can fia driver categories all compete fairly. After making eight appearances in F2 this fia driver categories year as Sean Gelael&39;s replacement at DAMS, it had been anticipated that Vips would be placed into the category full-time next year. In terms of the jse listing requirements, the transaction is classified as a category 1 fia driver categories transaction. PDF format is your best bet. For some drivers, it was their first taste of single-seaters and Formula 4 race cars, and the pressure was on to adapt to this entry-level motor sport category and show speed and on-going progression.

Browse through latest information on your favorite WEC drivers, including full biographies, latest news, high-res photos and high quality videos. This categorization is used in sports car racing championships as FIA World Endurance Championship, United SportsCar Championship, European Le Mans Series, etc.

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